[Auction-Bo-Bauction!] Hurse urmrrr

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  1. So I actually have about 2 DCs full of horse armor, if you've noticed my recent spamming of horse armor auctions. Well I'm pretty tired, so I'll just get this going before I die.

    Auction: 6 Iron Horse armors
    Starting bid: 100r
    Minimum increment: 50r
    End time: 24 hours after last bid
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  2. Pressed enter while working on my quiz thing at the top. I wasn't going to finish it anyways, Obama \ ( ' - ' ) /
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  3. 100r for the hurse urmrrr
  4. BumpppppppPPPPP :U
  5. Erhmehgawd! Hurs urmur! I bet 1337r.
  6. Bump, 5 hours until Lehmaqr wins for 1,337r.

    I think I've seen these going for around 1k per armor?
  7. 3.14159265359*(10^3) rounded to the nearest integer.
    (3,142r if you can't maths.)
    So I shall bid 3,142!
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