[auction] Biggest enchanted bow auction

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by ImParanoid, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. Contains: Double chest full of random enchanted bows, all unused.
    Starting bid: 1000r
    Minimum increments: 100r
    Auction ends 24 hours after last bid posted.
    Pick-up: 8465 smp4
  2. Ahhhhhhh..... Im pretty sure everything in the chest must be named individually.......:/ Good luck!
  3. O yeah, totally forgot to name all of them..
    5x power III
    10x power IV
    3x flame I
    3x punch I
    3x punch II
    2x Infinity I
    3x Punch I Power III
    2x punch I power IV
    8x Flame I Power IV
    2x flame I power III
    1x flame I Punch I
    1x Infinity I Power III
    1x punch II Power IV
    5x flame I Punch II Power IV
    1x Infinity I Punch I Power III
    2x flame I Punch I Power III
    2x Infinity I Flame I power IV
  4. I hope I boosted the auction for you Paranoid! :)
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  5. because i like a pig was boosting the auction unless someone else bids i would like to cancel my bids
  6. Can't cancel a bid good sir. Once you bid it is set in stone.
  7. gosh darn it
  8. plus i thought boosting in bidding was disallowed
  9. There is no proof of boosting. He said he HOPED that he boosted it, not that he actually did boost it. If a player feels that the auction price is too low, and he isnt working with the auctioneer, he has every right to bid it up to what he would pay for it. Stop trying to back out of bids...
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  10. 5,000 Rupees :)
  11. Fine, begon with you peasant! 4.2k
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  12. :p
    And whenever I try to show off and be nice, you step in! :p
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  13. Haha xP Never knew You were Gonna Bid ! You gonna try to beat it ? ;)
  14. You know it! ;) 5.1k
  15. You wanna Goo ? :) 5,500 Rupees
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