[ AUCTION ] Big whammy

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Whats next?

DC of heads 8 vote(s) 88.9%
DC of Stone 1 vote(s) 11.1%
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  1. Items:
    1. DC of Orange Stained Clay
    2. DC of Swiftness Potions ( 8:00 mins )
    3. DC of Fire Resistance ( 8:00 mins )
    4. DC of Splash Potions of Healing, instant health II
    5. DC of Strength Potions II, ( 1:30 mins )
    6. DC of Bones
    7. DC of Stone
    8. Cupid Bundle
    9. DC of Glass
    10. DC of heads: Clumpywolf 3x, 12jar0d89 3x, Inna310 2x, foxxycat 2x, alexisnowball3, batroach, Ava9 3x, JitterRing 5x, nyanhorse2005 2x, Jacob05M, cobblestonekruse, broccoli22, XxEnderx 2x, EvanFrazier, Justynn, gabeli, crazy_X_gamer, awezomeC, ocorniaDP, Jam_Pro, indianarmy, andrewthefrog, nach499, Hannahsmileyface, luckylollie222 2x, Catstar765, SilverCrown, NateyC, Conman102903, atwoodjer, we3mendi, warior852, faith2002, Blueboots01, SteveClasher, jhall10, Mccu0_2, LunaNL, NecroManiak, AverageWalrus, Pet_Person63, lett2881, KingEvan100 2x, ALDAIR_VII, AllenMCStudios, youtube_master, diediedie12, Builds_With_46 4x.
    Starting Bid: 25k
    Minimum Increase: 1k
    End of Auction: 48 hours after last valid bid
    Happy Bidding :)
    Pickup given at end of auction.
  2. oops 27k then
  3. :eek: A double ninja!

  4. Ninja'd while posting a ninja-ing...

  5. 54k:p
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  6. *looks around for ninjas*

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  7. BUMP, this is worth about 300k!
  8. BUMP! ThaKloned is currently making 200k profit from this.
  9. BUMP... could ThaKloned walk away with the biggest profit Ive ever seen on EMC?:eek:
  10. 3 hrs. min. for bumping
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  11. Legal BUMP!

    Biggest Profit Ive ever seen...
  12. The Server is currently down and won't let me on till its fixed, will get it ready ASAP when I get on.
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  13. Picked up.
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