[AUCTION] big box o' enchanted goodies!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by TheTrufflehunter, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. hey guys, i got a great pack of goodies!


    items: (picks) fortune 1 eff 2,eff 4,eff 3,unbreak 2 eff 2,unbreak 3 eff 4 fortune 3, eff 4 silktouch 1. (swords) smite 3 knockback 1, smite 2. (axes) unbreak 3, eff 2 unbreak 2 fortune 1 (the iron one). (bows) punch 1 power 3, punch 2 power 5. (leather armor) (boots) protect 2, (legs) protect 1, (chestplate) protect 1, (helmet) projectile protect 1, (iron armor) (boots) projectile protect 1, (legs) protect 1, (chest plate) protect 1, (helmet) protect 1, (gold armor) (boots) projectile protect 2, (legs) protect 2, (chestplate) projectile protect 1, (helmet) protect 2 aqua affinity 1, (diamond armor) (boots) protect 1 feather falling 2, (legs) protect 2, (chestplate) protect 3, (helmet) protect 1 aqua affinity 2.(misc) 32 netherwart, 8 redstone ore, 2 diamond ore, 2 emerald ore, 4 circle stone, 4 slime balls, 2 golden apples. (it's color coded to make it easier, if u want a mod to change it, feel free to ask :)) min bid: 2,000r min increment: 100r
    after last bid: 48 hours
  2. 1. It's a REALLy big image.
    2. It's hard to read the items and stuff.
    3. It's an Invalid Auction. It breaks auction rules.

    You can only Auction the following:
    -Dragon Eggs
    -Enchantments ( Only Enchantments with no other items )
    -Double chests of the same item 64 each stack.
  3. 1 a) blame imgur :p
    2 a) i can't edit, ask a mod
    3 a) no it doesn't, ask another member :) as long as theres 1 enchanted item, its valid :)
    please stop haten'
  4. The enchanted items are fine to be auctioned in any quantity, but all the other items all have to be double chests fulls (not mixed) of each item (full stacks if stackable, 54 if not).

    That makes this auction invalid I'm sorry. Please check the auction rules thread for the full updated info..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.