[Auction]Bi-Sword Biscuity Auction of JustinGuyness

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Biscuitboy, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. Items:
    Diamond Sword (Sword of Biscuit) Unbreaking III Fire Aspect II Looting III Knockback II Sharpness V (CINCO!!!) - This sword is a Do'er and can take down most formidable foe in 1 shot.

    Wooden Sword (A Boss Sword) Bane of Arthropods I (UNO!!!) ~ This sword is really just like a Ferrari. It's awesome to brag about having it... but you wouldn't dare taking it out in public.

    Starting Bid: 83r
    Bid Incriments: Only by numbers that are perfect squares (1,4,9,16,25...) and divisible by 3 (9,36,81)
    Auction ends: March 11th at 7:43 PM EST

  2. 184 rupees .-.
  3. Bid is invalid - 184-83 =101
    101 is not a perfect square divisible by 3
  4. not divisible by 3
  5. sorry to say but you increased the s/b of 83 by 142 which is not a perfect square
  6. hmm gotcha 227 then
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  7. We have our FIRST valid bid. Mystul is in the lead!
  8. hell ill outbid myself and say
  9. ninja'd and i love the format of this auction
  10. pretty sure my 1127 is only valid atm :)
  11. Makin us do math? HOW DARE YOU! 1296
  12. again im in the lead with 1127 :)
  13. n
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.