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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by superg64, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. Alright one last try
    Item:Beacon (that shiney light thing)
    S/B: 7500r
    Min increase: 500r
    Auction will end 48 hours after last bid
    Pickup @4393
  2. 7.5k
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  3. 8k
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  4. 12k
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  5. 13k
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  6. BeaconBump
  7. Bumpity Bump Bump Bump
  8. You're breaking bumping rules buddy:)
  9. where can i find these "Bumping Rules"?
  10. You can only bump every three hours:)
  11. oh ok but where can i find this i want to see if there are other rules i screwed up
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  13. A mod said it in an auction a Long time ago
  14. i checked there already and did not find it there
  15. It's pretty much implied.
    It just gets annoying. Ask any mod they'll tell you the same:)
  16. Rules dont say it. A mod said it. The rules says to obbey mods
  17. I already asked ICC if this is truly a rule to add it to the "Auction Rules Thread". So just do that superg. Just like you I too actually require a black and white page with such said statement or its not real. just like laws in states.
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  18. Bump around! Bump around! Bump up Bump up and Bid down!
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