[Auction] Bane of arthropods II looting I Knockback I Daimond sword

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  1. Item:Diamond sword Bane of arthropods II looting I knockback I

    Starting bid 1500

    Minimum bid increments: 400

    Auction ends: 24 hours

    Good luck!

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  2. Guess I'll start 1.5k
  3. Charip Is in the lead!
  4. Rlly am I actually gonna get this minimum bid?
  5. You might!
  6. You will, this is obtainable via villager trading, so not worth much.
  7. Wow I'm probably getting ripped off then. Dang you 1.3!!
  8. A lot of people are. There should be a warning post on the front page, telling you that enchanted item prices are majorly changing:/
  9. Why did I ever bid? No going back now...
  10. I am bidding this and i did not get that from the villger!
  11. I don't think he's saying that hes saying it's possible.
  12. It cannot be possbile i only see like small enchants
  13. Well I've gotten silk touch unbreaking and efficiency pick
  14. Well i have seen better swords from villagers, so i assume you can get this.. This new system is really messing things up -_-
  15. Full on
  16. Where's my magic time reverse button so i can undo my bid lol.
  17. Omg I'm literally throwing 1.5k in the trash. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  18. Think before bidding lol
  19. HEY i didnt know that this was so low value. how can i think if i dont know?
  20. i hate auctions...
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Not open for further replies.