[AUCTION] Awesome diamond sword

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  1. Aution item: Diamond Sword with Unbreakind III Sharpness V Knockback II Looting III Fire Aspect II
    starting bid: 3000r
    bid increase min: 500r
    bidding will end 24 hours after the winning bid.
    Winner should pay and when there is a clear transaction you can collect it on smp4 9329.
  2. Hey just an FYI, you can only bump an auction 3 hours after the last post, a bid counting as a post. :) Just wanted to let you know for future bumps :3
    4K :D
  3. ok sorry :0
  4. BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Why do we even do this
  6. Brickstrike you are the winner make a payment and collect from smp4 9329.
  7. Payment is still due for this Auction so you can pick it up.
  8. its mine anyway
  9. o haha sorry
  10. Oh god, sorry chickeneer, I didn't get the alerts for this :p
    Also, I just came back from boyscout camp so yea... :p
    I will pay for the sword as soon as I can :)
  11. I have paid the 4k :p
    Can you please give access to my alt, BrickEatsMuffins, because I am out in the wild on smp 4 on this account.
    Thanks :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.