{Auction} Assorted enchanted tools 19 total

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  1. 19 Enchanted tools (17 Pickaxes) ( 2 Shovels)

    Types: Unbreaking III Fortune III Efficiency IV: 2 Picks, 1 Shovel
    Unbreaking III Efficiency III- 5 Picks, Unbreaking III- 1 Pick
    Efficiency IV- 2 Picks, Efficiency III- 1 Pick, Fortune III- 1 Pick
    Efficiency III Silkyouch I- 3 Picks, Unbreaking III Silktouch I- 1 Pick
    Unbreaking III Efficiency IV Silktouch I: 1 Pick, 1 Shovel

    Auction End Time: 36 Hours After last valid Bid
    Pickup Location: Smp9 Res# 19140
    Starting Bid: 1,500r
    Only Raise bids by at least: 250r
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.