Auction!!!! Aqua affinity and protection 1 iron helm

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  1. unused iron helm
    reserve price 500r
    must go up by 50 not 1r
    auction will end in 12 hours after last bidder
    bid high

    (ps: other enchanted item at 3757 in smp2)
  2. *looks around* where is everybody?
  3. For a moment there I thought you were bob the moderator and you got demoted :p
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  4. 500 seems a decent price, I'll go for it and start this thing off.
  5. auction closed it goes to rayson1357
  6. its a ripoff
  7. what is a good price for it then??
  8. I would say at the most 400-350
  9. thx.

    do you think you could come over to smp2 res #3757 and help me with my other prices on enchanted items?
  10. sure! how much will u pay me?
  11. nothing it would be consided a friendly gensture
  12. Nah i dont really have time for this stuff