[AUCTION] apocalypse pack and creeper beater pack.

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  1. legend: FP=fire protection P= protection PP=projectile protection.


    FP armor:
    FP 4 helm, FP 3 featherfalling 4 boots, FP 3 leggings, FP 4 chestplate.

    P armor: FP 3 helm (...), PP 4 boots, P 3 leggings, P 4 chestplate.

    swords: smite 5 knockback 2, sharpness 4 knockback 2.

    starting bid: 1000r

    minimum increments: 500r

    auction ends 24 hours after last valid bid.

  2. Sorry could I please retract my bid. I no longer need this!
  3. This is not allowed, but since wolves replaced your bid I'm sending you off with a warning :

  4. And the timer has reset. Superg64 is in the lead with 6k.
  5. so close :( 6.1k
  6. 6.2k :3 i can go farther
  7. matheus is in the lead with 7k, with just over 23 hours to go :p
  8. Coffee_bullet is in the lead with 10,000 rupees! Can anyone top that?
  9. Invalid bid. You must raise b at least 500r.

    CB is still in the lead with 10k
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.