[Auction] Angered Skeleton bow

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  1. Item: Angered Skeleton Bow**

    Starting Bid: 10k

    Minimum Bid Increments: 500

    Auction Ending Time: 24 hours after last bid has been posted* 2013-06-22_15.37.20.png Auction Pick up will be at 7343* Will not include arrows**
  2. forgot to say it is Unbreaking III Flame II power II
  3. I think this may be over priced by alot
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  4. Seeing as how flame only goes to I and this is flame II I Think the price is fair..
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  5. He is the Alt of me here is the Awesome Bow 2013-06-22_17.27.11.png
  6. this is way overpriced as it is not a rare bow and can be made with standard enchants
  7. Does it come with the arrows?
  8. no you can not get that flame II on a book or on a bow just by enchanting or combining two flame I books together
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  9. This is not true.
    It is impossible to get flame two on a bow.
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  10. Except for it being dropped :)
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  11. So God bows on EMC can now go that one bit higher?
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  12. There is always a way.... :p
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  13. i guess so
  14. wow.... still no bids
    plz re-read it. I will sell you shiny arrows for 5k
  15. Although only Marlix's Bow will enhance shiny arrows however.
  16. *Cough*Steal it from Icc's sponge tree*cough*
  17. For me, it is a bit overpriced but this is a rare bow. You cannot receive a Flame II on an ordinary bow enchant. I have obtained a bow exactly like this so these may become more popular and their value might slightly decrease as time passes and more people get these epic bows!
  18. Closing Auction. I will be selling it for 7k same address
  19. This and Unbreaking III Power III bows are not rare but not common drops from Skeletons or Enraged Skeletons. 7k is still a high price for a bow that is not that uncommon. In terms of "rareness" of the bows, I have almost an SC total of those bows.
  20. Just saying yes this is way over priced i get several of these bows every hour, just go out into the wild and killed normal or enraged skellys with a looting 3 sword.
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