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  1. Hi,
    im auctioning AMAZING armour (diamond) its a little bit used but u can easily repair it in a anvil also on top of all that im throwing in a beacon!
    Start Bid: 10k
    Min Bid Increasments: 20r
    Auction ends: 48 hours after last bid was placed
    Pickup: discussed when bought!
  2. can we have a picture of thi sarmour or details of it
  3. i cant seem to edit the tread
  4. nah u cant edit auction threads
  5. We are not able to delete/edit auction posts

    Unfortunately you may not auction off used items.
  6. the auction is invalid bids may not be placed
  7. and u need to ask an admin/moderator to close this for you
  8. umm
    auction closed for the moment, i will repair it then it will be opned again :)
  9. A moderator will need to close this thread, then you may create another one and start from scratch. :)
  10. 5weety is online atm you could ask them
  11. Auction locked. Please read through auction rules more thoroughly next time.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.