[Auction] Altra Mega Mini Auction/s

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by TekhTonic, Jun 14, 2012.

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  1. pack 1. (32)diamond, (2)(1.30min)speedII, (64)mycelium,(efIII)diamond pickaxe.[SOLD]
    pack 2. (8.00min)Fire resistance, (splash)instant damageII, diamond,(unbI)iron pickaxe.
    pack 3. (8.00min)Fire resistance, streingthII, (64)mycelium,(32)lapis,(2) diamond,(fortII)diamond pickaxe.
    pack 4. (8.00min)Fire resistance, (64)sandstone, instant healthII(fortII,effII)diamond pickaxe.
    pack 5. (8.00min)Fire resistance,(unbIII,forI,effIII)diamond pickaxe,(2) diamond.
    pack 6. (efIII)Diamond pickaxe,(2.00min)regeneration potion,diamond.
    pack 7.(64)iron,(64)coal, (8.00min)swiftness, (64)mycelium, (8) diamond,(efI)iron pickaxe.
    pack 8. (64) pumpkin, (64) coal, (2) diamond,(3)(efI) iron pickaxe.
    pack 9. (proI)Diamond healmet,(32) lapis, (16) diamond.

    Smp3, 6361, should be right at spawn for the auction winners.
    Minimum increace bid: 200r
    starting price: 1500 for ALL auctions (one at a time)
    all of the items have NEVER been used.
    Each auction Ends roughly 24 hr after the bid.
  2. OoO soz man i had a typo its supposed to b 1500
  3. Minimum increace bid: 200r
    starting price: 150 for ALL auctions (one at a time)

    I put 500, wich means that i put in 350 rupees, so it is actually valid
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  4. i said it was supposed to be 1500
  5. I'll take the entire first pack for 1750r. :3
  6. more bidds?
  7. pack 1 1000 and hi cube :D
  8. You have to bid higher than the previous bid, that's how Auctions work. :p
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  9. he did bid higher than the previous bid
  10. I highly doubt a new member could get 11k so quickly, and then blow it all. :p

    He said pack #1 for 1000r. He just didn't put any sort of separation between the one in "pack" and the amount of rupees. :D
  11. Oh...right. XD I thought you were telling me that the other guy ALREADY had it. Anyways, when/where do I need to pick it up and pay you?
  12. smp3, res: 6361. should be at spawn when you pay me (im on right now)
  13. im off cu tmoz
  14. Sorry, I couldn't get on at that time. Our timezones must be really different, cuz I was sleeping when you posted this. :p
  15. well, how would we make the transaction?
  16. wait, tommorow (today for you maby) il stay up till 1am 4 u
  17. Ok, what's your timezone? I'm in Central standard time, which means I'm posting this post at 7:25 am.
  18. I bid 5k for all "packs" you cant have auctions with in an auction.
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