[Auction] All The Stuffz - Edition #001

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  1. Hey there folks!

    Ninjaboy5656 with yet ANOTHER massive auction! Let's get straight to the item list!

    - Double chest of Spruce Logs
    - Double Chest of Jungle Logs
    - Double Chest of Dark Oak Logs
    - Double Chest of Quartz Flakes
    - 7 pieces of Diamond Horse Armor
    - 15 pieces of Gold Horse Armor
    - 20 pieces of Iron Horse Armor
    - 12 Looting III Enchanted Books
    - 3 Unbreaking III, Luck of the Sea III Fishing Rods
    - 1 Unbreaking III, Luck of the Sea III, Lure III Fishing Rod
    - 5 Beacons
    - The "Skull Magnet" diamond sword (Looting III, Smite V, Unbreaking III). It's served me for over 800 wither skulls, and now, it's time I pass it on. :p

    Prepare yourself for the pictures of this magnificent combination of items.
    2014-01-06_12.59.37.png 2014-01-06_13.00.09.png 2014-01-06_13.00.21.png 2014-01-06_13.00.35.png 2014-01-06_13.01.00.png 2014-01-06_13.02.13.png

    If those did not dazzle you then nothing ever will. :p

    Auction details!

    Starting Bid: 1,000 rupees

    Minimum Bid Increments: Only raise bids by at least 500 Rupees

    Auction Ending Time: Auction will end 48 hours after the last valid bid

    Auction Pickup: Residence 4149 on smp2

    Happy Bidding. :)

    I will be posting a value at some point to motivate some of you to bid. If the bidding goes too high for you, make a team! Split it up and organize yourselves! :D

    DISCLAIMER: If items are not paid for within 4 days of winning, I reserve full right to re-auction them unless winner communicates to me issues he/she may be having.

    Credits to Dwight for the title! :p
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  2. 1k (Only bid because all 3 accounts went down and I know someone will outbid me)
  3. Ninja'd. Forget my bid
  4. 1,000 rupees
  5. Whoops ninja'd
  6. 25k*

    wait, was that a ninja?
  7. 50,000 r ._.
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  8. ninja'd forget my 30k bid
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