[AUCTION] All sets of armor Enchanted

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  1. I have been told my multiple moderators that auctions like this are allowed. Aikar told me aswell.

    Item(s): Armor sets (Leather, iron, gold and diamond)(Enchanted)
    Quantity: 1 set per material
    Starting bid: 500r
    Increments of: 100r

    Leather set:
    1x Leather Cap (Protection III)
    1x Leather Tunic (Blast Protection IV)
    1x Leather Pants (Blast Protection IV)
    1x Leather Boots (Feather Falling IV)

    1x Iron Helmet (Fire Protection III)
    1x Iron Chestplate (Fire Protection III)
    1x Iron Leggings (Fire Protection IV)
    1x Iron Boots (Feather Falling IV/Projectile Protection IV)

    1x Golden Helmet (Protection IV/Aqua Affinity I)
    1x Golden Chestplate (Protection IV)
    1x Golden Leggings (Protection IV)
    1x Golden Boots (Protection IV)

    1x Diamond Helmet (Protection IV/Respiration III/Aqua Affinity I)
    1x Diamond Chestplate (Protection III)
    1x Diamond Leggings (Protection III)
    1x Diamond Boots (Protection III/Feather Falling IV)

  2. oops, i forgot bidding price... lemme get mod to edit
  3. lol i was wondering about that
  4. What about chain armor?
  5. bob tell empireboss to get on smp4
  6. Gah.. i forget everything. I couldn't obtain it so i couldn't enchant it. Sorry
  7. There's starting bid has been edited in :3
  8. Sqiggleyjeff takes the lead with 500r!
  9. Sqiggleyjeff takes the lead with 1.1k!
  10. also when will the auction end Ex: 24 hours after last bid, 48 hours after last bid, etc.
  11. 24 hours after last bid. Sorry, i was in a hurry when posting this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.