[ Auction ] All new 1.4 Items [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Furnweh, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. This is what you are bidding on:

    576 Potatoes
    576 Carrots
    576 Pumpkin Pie
    32 Golden Carrots
    9 Potion of Night Vision ( Fully Extended )
    9 Potion of Invisibility ( Fully Extended )
    And one Anvil

    Bid ends 12 hours after last bid
    Minium bid increase: 500

    Starting bid: 1000
    Pick-Up: Smp2, res 3074. ( Only if Me or Inuyasha1204 are on )...

    Happy Bidding! :D

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  2. You're only allowed to auction a double chest of the same item, a dragon egg or any amount of enchantments - so this is an invalid auction. Sorry.
  3. Is this a valid auction?
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  4. Biggin answered it first :p
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  5. Mini in the lead with 2k
  6. ......can i buy it privately then...?
  7. if its not valid...
  8. actually i reported this thread as invalid before anyone replied - so technically i beat jackbiggin :3 muahaha
  9. If the auction is not valid i vould like to buy the items all of them for 2,000 rupees PM me Bloodrose
  10. As did I, so again, I win. =P
  11. You may sell these items if you name a price, but you can't auction them, sorry.
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