[Auction] All 3 promo horses

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by hencat13, Aug 25, 2013.

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  1. Item: Incitatus,Valens,Salter

    Starting bid: 10,000

    minimum bid increments: 1000

    The Aution will end after the last bid, in 48 hours
  2. Have they been spawned before or do they still have the special text at the bottom?
  3. they still have there names on it
  4. Can you post screenshots please?
  5. Anybody want to split? Im just looking for valens :) anyone? ~FDNY21
  6. They are used :(


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  8. I'm not really here to bid, just here to inform those on what they're bidding for.

    The eggs that he's auctioning have already been placed at least once before now, which means their ORIGINAL LORE (Text) that came on the egg no longer exist, which possibly cuts away from the value of these eggs.

    Enjoy bidding none the less, just thought I'd give a little information on these items for those who didn't know.

    ~Anonymous. ( Pretty sure this post is against the rules though, but I couldn't resist. :( )
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  9. Meh yeah I realize that and I'm kinda disappointed :(

  10. Yeah, once spawned each one loses about 40% of it's value.:( But I have the same 3 original :)
  11. Please don't post unless you are asking about the item or bidding ;)

Thread Status:
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