[Auction] AlexHallon's DoubleChests 1: Dirt

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What should next Auction be?

Eggs 8 vote(s) 38.1%
Cobblestone 13 vote(s) 61.9%
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  1. Hello EmpireMineCraft.

    I, AlexHallon, am going to start making DoubleChests Auctions with different kinds of item, getting more and more expensive each time.

    So, how about we start soft with some fine Dirt?
    We might end up with a Double Chest of Dragon Eggs or Emerald Ore someday :eek:

    This fine Dirt might not look like much, but it have many uses, actually!
    • Putting Temporary in Buildings to remember where you will put Blocks later
    • Getting around in those dangerous Caves & Ravines in the Wilderness
    • Used for many Games
    • It looks awesome
    • It's the cheapest Building Material there is
    • It's 50% Dirt and 50% Earth!
    So, now you're probably eager to bid.
    I will let you do that now.
    Please, take a look at this first:

    Minimum Bid Increment: 1r
    Starting Bid: 5r
    Auction will end 24 hours after last bid.
    I can "bump" the Auction once if atleast 12 hours passed after the last bid.
    Next Auction will be with Eggs or Cobblestone.

  2. Highbuddy is in the lead with 5r :p
  3. I love you my friend.

    Creeper655 the Awesome is in the lead with 500r! (500r for Dirt?!?!)
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  4. OH DIRT, i thought it was brown diamonds...
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  5. :confused: Highbuddy is in the lead with 1000r...
  6. 1100
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  7. You wont beat me im bidding for my mate
  8. EMC is crazy, 2k for Dirt...

    Highbuddy is in the lead with 2,000r!

    To show my gratitude of this reaching alot higher than it actually should, I will make this Badge for the Winner :D
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  9. 4,000 R!!!
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  10. Now it's insane, i'll quit. xD
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  11. Just be aware your actually paying that price - If it's a joke bid you get banned.
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  12. I know my friend
  13. I guess that means i win all the retextured diamonds ;)
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  14. Yes, it does!
  15. Creeper655 is in the lead with 4,000r :p

    Guess I should say Yes to his secret offer...
    No, you're not getting to know it, it's secret!
  16. So is that a yes click my albinos theyre my faves and i wanna breed em
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