[AUCTION] AC Inc. #8 - Diamond sword with FOUR enchantments!

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    Description - 1x diamond sword with the enchantments of SHARPNESS IV, LOOTING III, KNOCKBACK II AND FIRE ASPECT II. The second best enchantment possible on a sword.

    Starting Bid - 10,000r

    Minimum Bid Increment - 100r/bid

    Auction Ending Time - 48 hours after the last official bid.
  2. and who made you the ac inc auction thingy
  3. Highest bid at 33k, can we get any higher? LoL.
  4. Congratulations, you win. Please pay the 33k and I will set up a chest at 3882 SMP2.
  5. Scratch that. Auction is still open, derp.
  6. Why?
  7. It wasn't 48 hours :p
  8. So in like 10 hours i win
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  9. please give me the sword alex
  10. I haven't received payment? I'll contact a moderator so they can check that it's not my mistake.
  11. Check your rupees balance on the forums.
  12. Ahaha yeah, I'm not stupid ;) Sadly 33k isn't enough to be noticed when you realise how much my balance can change overnight.

    My mistake then apparently. According to a moderator you paid, chest is up at 3882 SMP2.
  13. Grr. Alright, I received 32k only and you won for 33k. Please add that 1000r and I'll set it up again.
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  14. Auction is closed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.