[AUCTION] AC Inc. #8 - Diamond Sword (Sharpness IV, Looting III, Knockback II, Fire Aspect II)

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  1. Description: A diamond sword with the enchantments of Sharpness IV, Looting III, Knockback III, Fire Aspect II

    Starting bid: 18k (this is the second best sword available!)

    Minimum Bid Increment: 100r

    Ending Time: 48 hours after last bid.

    Happy bidding!
  2. Why don't you lower the starting bid by like 4k or some k
  3. Because it's no where near worth 4k.
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  4. Nope, it gets auctioned off or it doesn't :)
  5. Btw Can't knockback only go to II?
  6. I meant to edit down to 14k
  7. Yeah, and Fire Aspect.
  8. Is anyone actually going to bid, I might close it.
  9. I am debating about it....
  10. Someone was selling Sharpness V Knockback II Fire Aspect II Looting III for 10.5k and noone bought
  11. Let your spender-side win! ;)
  12. Can a staff member please lock this?
  13. I want it!!!
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  14. Alex, I told you, it's worth the money! But seriously?

    What I am trying to say is we are not rich like you:)
    Hope you understand!
    That maybe as well be your solution !
  15. My other thread had several people wanting it for 20k, so I decided to auction it. With some people saying "7k" and others saying "25k" it was kind of hard.

    A chest will be set up at 4007 SMP2 with the sword if anyone's interested, unfortunately the bug (that really needs to be fixed) disallows me to sell it when I'm offline.
  16. Doesn't allow*
  17. I'm sorry, what?
  18. You said dissallows.
  19. I see, thank you for correcting me. :)
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