[AUCTION] AC Inc. #6 - Diamond Sword (Smite V, Fire Aspect II)

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  1. Description: A diamond sword, never used with the enchantments of Smite V and Fire Aspect II. Well worth the money and is the ultimate kill-machine! http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Enchanting#Sword_Enchantments

    Starting bid: 4000r

    Minimum bid increment: 100r

    End time: 24 hours after last bid

    Happy bidding and as always, make me happy ;)
  2. :eek:, this awesome! but im saving my rupees :), but the exact same one in 4007 is only 2750r
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  3. I think you mean a different one ahaha.
  4. And 4k is a decent starting bid ;)
  5. Awaiting lock just in case, please don't be wrong Paterick! :(
  6. Scratch that, Paterick was wrong. :p The starting bid of 4k still in place.
  7. No bids? I'm offended.
  8. 4k......
  9. I hope im getting this for a low price........
  10. not anymore :p
  11. Sorry i meant a sharpness IV and fire aspect II.
  12. Bidding over in a few hours, this is a great deal.
  13. You are the winner. Congratulations, please pay and I will set up chest at 4007 SMP2 ASAP.
  14. I'm waiting at 4007 smp2
  15. Chest is up.
  16. ok ill pick up soon
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.