[Auction] A voters set of armour pickup /v 10763@auction

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  1. Items:

    Enchants : Protection I,Respiration III and Aqua Affinity

    Enchants : Protection III, Thorns I
    Enchants : Protection II
    Enchants : Protection I , Feather Falling V

    All Items are Unbreakable, Soulbound, and Final

    Starting Bid: 2000 rupees

    Minimum Bid Increment:1000 rupees

    Auction Ending Time: 24 Hours after last VALID bid

    --Happy Bidding--
  2. 100,000r

    Whose voters armor is it?
  3. It is mine.
  4. 300k
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  5. Wouldn't you need to post they're soulbound and final also? They're enchants as well.
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  6. Oh yeah i forgot about that, Thanks :)
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  7. 330k
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  8. We have a WINNER!
    Congrats to Robbi_J
    Please make your way to /v 10763@auction for your collection.
    Thanks to all for bidding! :)
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  9. Thanks Wardle! Sent pay via minechat, Ill grab the items later today or tomorrow.
  10. Its fine. I saw you paid and i just mailed them to you :)