[Auction] a variety of 27 (Single chest) Enchanting books 1 and 2

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  1. Auction: 27 (Single Chest) Enchanting books a variety of level 1 and 2

    5 Flame I books
    5 Protection II Books
    5 Knockback II books
    4 Fire Aspect I
    4 Punch II
    2 Sharpness I
    1 Lure I
    1 Protection I

    Starting Bid: 2,000

    Bid Increments: 500

    Auction over: 24 hours after final valid bid.

    Payment must be within 3 days and pick up within 2 days after that. Otherwise Auction can be re-auctioned. Pick up at 18394 SMP 9.
  2. Minimum bid increase of 500.
  3. Tattered the maximum bid must be 500 more than the last valid bid. Shrimp is in the lead with 20 minutes to go at 2k
  4. I know him personally, so i think that was him just joking.
  5. You win Shrimp at 2,000! Once payment is made the access chest will be put at 18394 on SMP9 at auction pick up.
  6. Ill get on now and pay
  7. Access Chest is up. Auction Teleport is a little to the right when you enter the res
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.