[AUCTION] A Super Amazing DC of Goodies !!!

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  1. There is an amazing double chest filled with the best Goodies !!!
    First Row is Ench Diamond Picks all Eff. II Unb. II and Silk I
    Second Row is 6 Ench Diamond Axes Unb. III and Eff III and 2 Diamond Picks Eff. II and 1 Pick Eff. IV and Unb. III
    Third Row is all Diamond Chestplate Protection III
    Forth Row is 9 stacks of Glowtone
    Firth Row is 9 stacks of Iron INgots
    Sixth Row is 4 zombie heads 4 Skeleton Heads and 1 Creeper Head

    Start Bids: 5000r
    Increase Bids: 1000r
    Auction ends 48 HOURS AFTER LAST BID !
    Pick up 15164 SMP7 2013-06-30_21.14.20.png
  2. Invalid auction unless you got it cleared by a mod.
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  3. The last 3 rows are invalid; it has to be a double chest of each item.
  4. Well Then AUCTION CLOSED :(
  5. ^ What Penguin Said :p
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.