[Auction] A Saltar horse egg (special horse speed and jump special)

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  1. I am auctioning a "saltar" horse egg, this horse is a special horse which has really special)

    The bid will start at 800r
    The minimum bid amout per bid is 250r, but feel free to bid more, lol :)

    The egg can be picked up from my first res on smp3,

    The auction 24hrs after the last vaild bid

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  2. 1k,no lore, a shame...
  3. 1050k....
  4. 15500 call me crazy/stupid but there's a reason behind this
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  5. Hey, is that a 16k is see?
    Oh wait, it's from me!
  6. 16500 I guess you figured it out too lol
  7. Well, I guess 18k's next.
  8. It was actually 17k FYI.

  9. Was this horses speed always 126.70%?
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  10. 21k, OK? I'm going to jump by k's, if its okay by you, k?
  11. 26k I do 5k's if that's alright with you :S
  12. (3^3)*(10^3) Empire Minecraft Rupees.
  13. Oh, so terribly boring, that bid was. 29.
  14. That was quick. 31
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