Auction: A FULL Double Chest Of Music Disks.

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  1. General Auction Rules.
    -This Auction will start at 500r (So people can't win with 1r bids)
    -Minimum bid increasement is 50r.
    -You must collect the item(s) from my plot on Smp2 (3782)
    -Think before you post - please don't take your bids back after you post them.
    -Bidding will end 12hours after the last valid bid.
  2. i bet you used the utopia grinder. right?
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  3. Last full chest of discs got shut down because of the change to what is allowed to be auctioned. I wouldn't be too surprised if the same thing happened here.
  4. Meh.

    Why arn't you allowed to auction this?
  5. 500r! CALLED
  6. Sorry Crazy, i wasn't aware. Please delete this thread.
    If its possible i may host an auction ingame.
  7. You can still sell the chest of disks, just not auction it. :)
  8. Okay. Of anyone wants to offer me a price ingame feel free.
  9. i will in game