[Auction] A fortune of pickaxes (Dc Eff V Unb III Fort III Mending Picks)

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  1. Items: Double Chest of Efficiency V Unbreaking III Fortune III Mending Diamond Pickaxes

    Starting Bid: 5k

    Minimum Bid Increment: 1k
    Auction Ending Time: 72 hours after last official bid

    Personal Enchanted items can be asked for from me personally. Feel free to pm me if I am online or mail me, or leave a note at 6588 in the donation box :) thank you!
  2. You won these before...41k;)
  3. Indeed. 55k
  4. Let someone else have a turn! 66,666
  5. Final Bump! Less than 24 hours remaining on auction upon last official bid.
  6. Wow. 79k
  7. 5k what? Rupees or tokens?
  8. you cannot pay or send over tokens, and they would not be a valid bid anyway for auctions, so it means 5k rupees.
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  9. Got it! Thanks!
    I have about 3k of those.
  10. Auction ends in less than an hour upon final bid! Final bump!
  11. Never mind, I missed the cut-off by 10 min