[Auction] A double chest of the smoothest stone [ended]

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  1. Item: DC of stone
    Starting bid: 500r
    Minimum bid incresments: Only raise bid by at least 100r
    Auction ending time: Auction will end exactly 24hrs after the last bid.
    Sorry if i made a mistake or sound nervous, this is my first auction.
    Happy bidding! :D
  2. Zombieslayer010 in the lead with 500r :3
  3. Nightly bump :3
    You can't find a deal anywhere else, don't let zombie take this deal all for himself! make him work for it!
  4. -_-
  5. Hey, i warned you I was new to the auction :3

    Marklea in the lead with 600r!
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  6. Ill take dis up a notch.
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  7. Another bump :3
  8. A few more hours until shaving wins!
  9. Congrats to shavingfoam, the winner of the DC of stone for 2.5k!
    Asking a mod to close this now
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.