[auction] a dc of netherrack

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by technologygeek, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. as some may know, my res was recently griefed. i will need at least 50k to rebuild it and i have 3% of that now. a shot of the res's front

    this is my salvation auction.

    here we go:
    item: a DC of netherrack
    Start bid:1500r
    increase by:100r
    ends: 48 hrs after last valid bid.
    pickup: 18871 floor 2
  2. I wanna know more about that /tell.
  3. nothing there... he was helping me find hu did it. results inconclusive
    This will be awesome for 1.5 since you can smelt Netherrack to get nether bricks, then craft them into nether brick blocks. Don't miss out on this awesome auction. Also, help me rebuild my res!
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  4. Who griefed you?
  5. I'm out I'd rather go mine it for that price.
  6. no idea. fluffinator09 in the lead with 3,000 rupees!
  7. bump laser engaged
  8. Cmon, boys! this is a steal!!!
  9. Bumps should be 3hrs apart from each other. That includes any post by you saying "____s in the lead" or any update post.
  10. i thought it was 30 minutes... EPIC FAIL BY ME. and thanks for bumping :p
  11. the auction, for 3k, is won by fluffinator!!! please send money
  12. Please pay and pick up. the chest will be re-auctioned if it is not picked up...:)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.