{AUCTION} A DC of Emeralds

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  1. 1 DC of Emeralds

    Glowstone. Leather? Diamond gear? "The Enclosed Instruction Book". You want it?
    It's your's my friend, as long as you have enough rupees for these emeralds (and win this auction).

    You don't have enough rupees?
    Sorry player, I can't give credit! Come back when you're a little : "mmmMM" richer!

    Starting Bid: 9,000 Rupees
    Minimum Bid Increase: 500 Rupees
    End of Auction: 36 Hours after the latest bid
    Pick-up: 10087 on SMP5
  2. 50,000 rupees
  3. 120960 - final bid (probably shouldn't say that but whatever, just did.)
  4. I don't believe you :p121,700r