{AUCTION} A Dc (Double Chest) of-EGGS?!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by ZocoCrafts, Aug 28, 2015.

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  1. Yes. Eggs. Yep. A Double Chest. FULL of 16 packs of eggs. So, the starting bid, you ask? Well, I'd say the starting bid is 270 rupees. 5 rupees for each stack, to be exact. So, who wants a Double Chest of eggs? Probably no one. If you do, don't be afraid to add your bid to this thread. The auction's deadline, you ask? Well, let's say... September 12, 2015, at 8:00 P.M. EMC Time (for me, it's 7:00, but I want everyone to have a relatable time). Sorry for speaking so wierd. xD ;) :p:D
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  2. 270.

    Even though I have too many eggs already.
  3. Wow, I actually got a reply! Amazing.
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  4. K, meet me at SMP 3 at 7:00 PM EMC time today to claim the eggs and pay me. Hope to see you there Eyeball_Of_Glory !
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  5. Ehm, I can't get on, soooo can you set up an access chest? I will pay tomorrow. To make an access chest, you put a sign on the chest, with access on the first line, and my name on the second line.
  6. Um...I already logged off, so... meet me tomorrow at /v Zoco6446_Gamer at 8:00 EMC time. Can you get on at that time?
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  7. Probably not. Can you set up the access chest there? I will pay.
  8. Um, I want you to pay first. This is not a scam. When you tell me that you payed and I see that you payed, I will set up the access chest then in near the friend tp board on my res. Soud fair?
  9. Ok. Will pay after school.
  10. I just payed!
  11. Ok, when I get on, I will set up the access chest. Thanks for paying! I will inform you when I set it up. :D
  12. Ok, I set up the chest in front of my shop! You'll see it to the right of the entrance! Thank you for being someone who was in my first auction!
  14. Oh ait I forgot to fill it so sorry ;-;
  15. I needed to go and forgot all about it. i will try to fill it A.S.A.P.
  16. I promise I will never, EVER, scam a person, its just I forget a lot. Idk why ma brain likes to forget. I might fill it up at 5:00 EMC time, or around there. I am still so sorry plz forgive me! I do have a dc of eggs.
  17. In advance, I'll give you more eggs than you payed for, and throw 3 diamonds in as a sorry for the forgetting, k? My computer is already turned on, since I'm typing this from my phone, and I will put the stuff once I get on EMC. Again, still a sorry ;-;
  18. Really? They're down for maintenance? Oh my goodness and at the wrong time too...
  19. Ok they're up
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