[AUCTION] A Chest Of Great Goodies (Silk Touch!) [CLOSED]

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  1. View attachment 5911 I am selling a chest with lots of good goodies. This is a really good chest for those high spenders!

    • (diamond) Pickaxes: Silk touch I Eff II Unbr II, Regular Diamond Pickaxe

    • (diamond) Sword: Bane of arthropods I

    • (diamond) Axe: Unbreaking II

    • (diamond) Shovel: Unbreaking II

    • Bow: Power I

    • Bottle O' Enchanting: 15 bottles

    • Emeralds: 4

    • (diamond) Armor: Chestplate Blast protection II, Leggings Protection I, Helmet Protection I, Boots Protection II Feather falling II

    • Food: 4 Cakes
    Bids are starting at 2k
    Bids entered have to go up by 500r
    Auction ends 36 Hours after the last bid
    Happy Bidding:D
  2. Not allowed plz discontinue the auction.
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  3. y not?
  4. Have u read the auction rules???
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  5. why is it not allowed
  6. In what rule is it in violation of. I have read them it is within rules.
  7. ya golfer it is allowed so let the bidding begin
  8. even twitch approved it once again let the bidding begin
  9. if anyone is interested i will be moving ths to community auctions
  10. it does not have to be a double chest if it has enchanted items, only has to be double chest for non enchanted items
  11. It must be one, and only one of the following:
    • One or more enchanted items
    • Dragon egg
    • A double chest full of a specific item stacked as much as possible
    This contains enchanted items and other random items. Therefore is an invalid and disallowed auction.

    However, if you have forum PMed Twitch1 and he said the auction is allowed then under old auction rules (and I think the new ones too) this auction may continue. I think it would be safer for a mod to post here giving it the okay to continue before bidding.

    Also, this in the wrong forum. It should be in the auctions forum but it's in Community Marketplace > Products.
  12. All the enchanted items are fine to auction in any quantity, but the food, emeralds, enchanting bottles and non-enchanted weapons/tools are only auctionable in double chest full amounts (not mixed) of these items (full stacks if stackable).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.