[AUCTION] A Builder's Dream!

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Who's music's better?

Poll closed Mar 8, 2013.
tryhardninja 6 vote(s) 31.6%
captain sparklez 13 vote(s) 68.4%
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  1. Items: I dc of smooth stone, 1 dc of cobble stone, 1 dc of sandstone, 1 dc of glass, 1 dc of oak wood planks

    Starting Bid: 2,000r

    Minimum Bid Increase: 150r

    Auction Ending Time: 24 hours after the last valid bid

    Pickup: 12425 on smp6, all chests are labeled "Builder's Dream Auction"
  2. Tryhardninja makes capitansparklez's music, capitansparklez only makes the animation...
  3. Not always true
  4. tryhardninja didn't do tnt, and captian sparklez was replaced by the creeper's in minecraft style
  5. Bump, this is an outrage to the good name of emc to see this many great dc's go for this Little! The sandstone alone could be worth this... and a dc of glass, cobble, stone, wood... COME ON PEOPLE
  6. CS sings it and remixes his own voice. THN Makes background music sound more.. Captain sparklish
  7. Just gonna point out that this is invalid, usless the item is enchanted, you can only auction a DC or more of the SAME item, not mixed
  8. That's changed, I thought?
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