[Auction] 9 Sets of Protection IV Unb III+ God bows and Swords

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  1. We're auctioning off: 9 sets of Protection IV Unbreaking III Armour *
    9 God bows
    -Infinity I
    -Unbreaking III
    -Flame I
    -Punch II
    -Power V

    9 god swords
    -Unbreaking III
    -Sharpness V
    -KnockBack II
    -Looting III
    - Fire aspect II

    Starting price: 5k
    Minimum bid increase: 1k
    Auction ends: 48 hours after last valid bid

    Pickup at 11384. Please pay CatAuctions if you win.
    *A set includes One helmet, One Chest plate, One pair of Leggings, and One pair of boots

    You have 72 hours after winning the auction to pay.
    You have 14 days after the auction to collect your items. Delivery is available at a charge, PM Jcplugs and JackBiggin for info.
    If after 14 days you haven't collected your items or arranged for delivery, then we will re-auction what you won.
  2. 10,000 rupees
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  3. Le bump
  4. Hehehehehe, nick failed kindergarten
  5. I wonder how many of us are like ......
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  6. i dont know how i got wht i said into the quote but u cant go to punch 4
  7. I was tired.. And Jack made me do it.
    It's punch II :p
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  9. Updated the mis-type in the auction to reflect it being a punch II instead of IV. If they wish in this case, the previous bids can retract if they wish, but don't have to if they don't want.
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