[Auction] 9 Enchanted Items including Diamond Pick Eff IV, Unbreak III, Silk Touch I

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Start bid too high or low? [or just right?]

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Too high 4 vote(s) 80.0%
Too low 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Just right! 1 vote(s) 20.0%
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  1. Lots of enchanted stuff!

    Start Bid: 4000r
    Min Increment: 200r
    Ends: 36 hours after last bid.
    Pickup: /v Xanndarr @ Server 2 [Collection chest set up after payment recieved]

    • Diamond Chest- Fire Prot IV
    • Diamond Chest- Thorns I, Projectile Prot IV
    • Iron Axe- Efficieny II
    • Diamond Pickaxe- Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV, Silk Touch I
    • Diamond Axe- Efficieny II, Fortune I, Unbreaking II [x3]
    • Diamond Sword- Sharpness II, Knockback I
    • Diamond Sword- Knockback I

    Untitled-1.png Untitled-2.png Untitled-3.png Untitled-4.png Untitled-5.png [x3] Untitled-7.png Untitled-9.png
  2. This may be a short auction with superg64 bidding @ 5.2K!
  3. 6k andrew you will not out bid me :3
  4. i know im just interested in how high you will go
  5. so are you not interested in buying? 6.5k
  6. who said anything about that 6.7k
  7. well you get to pay more now :D im out
  8. actually 7k
  9. haha im out
  10. haha cheers andrew...
    Any advancements on 7k?
  11. any last minute votes.......1 hour left!!!!!
    Don't let him snag this bargain guys ;)
  12. Auction closed.....winner = superg64 @7k
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