(Auction) 9 DC's of Sugarcane

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by guan28, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. I currently have 9 Double chests of sugarcane on my plot that need to be auctioned off. The Chests must be picked up within 2 days after the auction. If not then I will restart the auction.

    The Starting bid will be at 100r. And MUST BE raised by 100r or more. Please only Valid bids.
    The Auction will end at 12:00 PM on 8/29/2013
    Are you ready? GO! 2013-08-27_20.08.24.png 2013-08-27_20.08.35.png 2013-08-27_20.08.43.png 2013-08-27_20.08.48.png 2013-08-27_20.08.55.png 2013-08-27_20.10.14.png 2013-08-27_20.10.31.png 2013-08-27_20.10.35.png 2013-08-27_20.10.40.png
  2. foive hundert
  3. i need this 2000
  4. Come On Guys! I Need this gone!
  5. So Far MisterFappy is in the lead!
  6. Completely forgot this, Sorry about that. The auction will end at 12:00pm EST on 8/29/2013
  7. 8
    Fappy how high are you willing to go? Cos if its super high I'll stop bidding XD make it cheaper for you... and less worthwhile for guan :/ sorry!
  8. Woah Lets go guys only 4 hours and 16 minutes left! So far its EVERWING67 with the highest bid!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.