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  1. These are the left over promos I got from when I individually sold the rest of them. All of the funding made from this will go towards my project. Anyway, let's get into the details.

    Starting Price: 125,000 [ Go for around 30k a pop, reasonable starting bid! ]
    Minimum Bid Increase: 1,000
    Auction Ends: 24 hours after last valid bid!
    Pickup: I will deliver!

    Goodluck everybody!
  2. opps didn't read disregaurd that
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  3. I'm interested in bidding, but due to the fact that Freedom Blades have multiple versions, could I ask you to clarify what version they are? (Light/dark, 'Do not use' version or not?, are they all the same version?)
    Thanks in advance!
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  4. Not really sure what you mean by this Blood, it just says this on them:
  5. There are three variants of the Blade. One type with dark red writing in the title, one with light red, and there's a whole different type which has "DO NOT CLAIM" written into the lore in light red writing. Please try and verify which ones there are and how many of them :)
  6. Just post a picture of them. I believe you tried with no luck. Try to clarify from this:
    &4 is a dark red.
    &c is a lighter red.

    Do /colors ingame to find out.

    There's also a <<<DO NOT CLAIM>>> Freedom Blade - it's fairly obvious which one this is.

    If you need help, I'll be online and I can help you clarify.
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  7. Well if it really matters some of the swords have 'DO NOT CLAIM' on them, so if they're classed as un-allowed with the others, please end this auction.
  8. They are allowed, but it would be nice for the bidders to know how many are DO NOT CLAIM and how many are normal/dark red titled.
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