[Auction] 8 Enchanted Books/ Eggcelent Wand

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  1. Items:
    1. Protection III, Power IV, Fire Aspect II
    2. Silktouch I
    3. Aqua Affinity I
    4. Smite V
    5. Thorns III
    6. Blast Protection IV, Power IV
    7. Efficiency IV
    8. Protection III, Efficiency IV
    9. Smite IV
    PLUS: 1 Eggcelent Wand Promo

    Starting bid: 2k
    Minimum bid incredments: 300r
    Ending time: 30 hours after last valid bid

  2. Eggcelent Wand: Reduces the price of eggification in the wild by 50%
  3. Ya'l should stop bidding -.-

  4. This is going for really cheap! Bump
  5. effinbatman wins! pay 11,300r and pick up! Smp1 #1960
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.