[Auction] 8 diamond enchanted tools

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Gap542, Nov 17, 2012.

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  1. Items:
    • Diamond Pickaxe Efficiency II Unbreaking II x2
    • Diamond Pickaxe Efficiency I Unbreaking I x2
    • Diamond Pickaxe Efficiency II Silktouch I
    • Diamond Pickaxe Efficiency III
    • Diamond Shovel Efficiency II Unbreaking II
    • Diamond Shovel Unbreaking III Silktouch I

    Starting Bid:500r
    End time: 24hrs last bid
    Min Bid: 100r
    Pick-up: SMP9 18267 Chest will be made after payment done.
  2. Gnite bump
  3. Uzack in the lead with 2.5k!
  4. Only 3k? You cheap people! Bid more!!!
  5. Facu1231 wins with a 3k bid!

    Make the payment to retreive the items.
  6. I paid so put the chest
  7. Facu I do not want to see anymore bids from you until you have paid your debt on the beacon!

    Gap542 please hold these items until I let you know. We may need to be giving that money to another player that is owed by Facu...
    Thank You
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  8. Stop! I won this BID. You can Only judge me of the beacon
  9. Mhm. Keep telling her that and you will never see these servers again.
  10. I paid so can I have my tools please?
  11. Are you there? I paid both auctions so now I want the stuff
  12. Robbie haven't told me to give you them yet.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.