[AUCTION] 7 Smite V Books AND 7 Silk Touch I Books

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  1. Auction of 7 Smite V Enchanted Books AND 7 Silk Touch I Enchanted Books.

    Starting Price: 5k

    Minimum Pay: 8k

    Lowest Bid Increase: 100R

    Worth 11,900R when sold at 850R each.

    WARNING: You are paying for ALL of the 14 Books and are receiving ALL 14 books if you win the auction.

    Auction is stopped 24 hours after the final bid.
  2. WARNING: As of new info i have received I CAN NO LONGER SELL THE BOOKS. THE BOOKS ARE NO LONGER FOR AUCTION, I don't know how to delete my thread even if you can so i have posted this to let you all know that the books are NO LONGER for sale. Thanks You!
  3. Get a mod or admin to close the aauction, however I think there has to be a reason shown why they are not for sale else it may be against the rules..?
  4. Well its because i may have found a person that will just buy them and if they won't me and my friend will use them to create good enchanted swords or picks and auction those swords and picks
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.