[Auction] 7 Double Chests of Seeds

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  1. Item: 7 Double Chests of Seeds
    Starting Bid: 1 rupee
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1 rupee
    Auction Ending time: 24 Hours after last Valid Bid
    Pickup Location: smp8 at 16233
    Just something random so i can make the rainbow: Yay

    Why would anyone want this many seeds? I don't know but you never know when someone needs 7 DCs of Seeds :)
  2. You can only bump 3 hours after the last post on the thread.
  3. Oh sorry, My mistake xD
  4. Bump

    Or is it? Is the Time our own time or EMC time?
  5. emc time
  6. It has been officially 24 hours after the last bid, Thanks ItsMeChespin for Bidding and Congratulations! Come to smp8 at 16233 to pick up your stuff, it will be in multiple chests so ya!
  7. Sweet thanks
    I should be able to get on and pay tonite :D