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  1. To raise funds for my new shop on SMP 7, I'ma auction off some of the dirt I got from digging out my res. Well, here goes:

    Starting Bid: 1k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 100r
    Auction will end 25 hours after the last bid is placed.

    Here is a picture of the hole:

    Im hoping to get BritBrit to do a 360 degree wool art mural of her choosing. The shop will hopefully be very unique and I think you will all really like what I do with it.
  2. The res is 14756 on SMP 7 If you wana jump in, gives me a jolt lol
  3. Try Hasorko. An example of his 3D build is at 4253 (View Station) and 4115 (the actually build)

    Hasorko, however, can be costly. It's definitely worth it though
  4. Thanks, ima try brit brit but that'll be back up plan
  5. CC7 in the lead with 1k. Night all.
  6. The_Legend4 is in the lead with 1.2k
  7. Bump before bed
  8. Bumps before school. Wish two rich ppl would start a bidding war over this just to show each other up! lol
  9. The_legend4 wins with 1.2k pickup on res# 14756 SMP 7, pay before picking up. It's in the bottom of the res, cant miss it lol
  10. Like michael did with whoever it was? Lol that was great.
  11. Paid :) Sorry if I haven't picked it up yet - I've been quite busy and my vault is full with roses from a previous auction.

    Then after this, I have to pick up a DC of lava as well :p.
  12. Remind me not to annoy you in the wilderness.. It could hurt..
  13. Exactly what I was thinking when I saw him winning.
    PRICE: 1,000,000r
    BEWARE: Running around madly with lava buckets. Keep a moderate distance away when sighted...
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  15. ./report THE_LEGEND4 Joking about grief...
    Lolz jkjkjk
  16. Derailed so bad lol
  17. Nothing else to talk about in this thread, might as well :)
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Not open for further replies.