[ AUCTION ] 66 RARE Mob Heads!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by hoi, Dec 27, 2013.

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  1. Hello guys, it's le piggeh with another mob head auction, and before you say "omg pig u nauti boi dis invalid banbanban" it was cleared by Dwight. :)

    38 Zombie Heads
    14 PigZombie Heads
    5 Skeleton Skulls
    2 Creeper Skulls
    1 Wither Skeleton Skull
    1 Cow Head
    1 Ghast Head
    1 Slime Head
    1 LavaSlime Head
    1 Spider Head
    1 Blaze Head

    40,000 Rupees

    100 Rupees

    72 hours after the last rule-following bid has been placed

    Residence 4285

    Now, before you complain about the starting bid, how many of you have your hands on these type of heads/skulls? Not a lot of you, they're REALLY rare. Good luck getting yourself any of these heads without a proper farm. I've never came across another cow head, that should show you how rare it is.

    Le screenshots:
    2013-12-27_21.53.11.png 2013-12-27_22.50.01.png
    (and yes I like to add color to errthing.) :p
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  2. Bump! This is very cheap considering these heads are very rare!
  3. buy lava slime do you mean magma cube?
  4. Yes, and it's ultra rare. :)
  5. Bump, come on guys, you know you want this. :)
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  6. Bump! You have 12 hours to bid until Ely will win this auction CHEAP!
  7. Alright, you have won. Come to 4285 SMP2 to pick up your heads. :)
  8. paid and picked up :)
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  9. Are ghast heads valueable?
  10. Don't bump old threads man >.<

    And yes, but extremely rare.
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  11. Hpw much r do you think they'd be worth?
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