AUCTION:64 iron ingots

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  1. Hey Im Not Off Yet Heres One More Auction.The Auction Starts At 50rp Every Bid Gos Up By 2rps.This Auction Also Ends When I Wake Up In The Morning And Get On.
  2. Im Changing Time Limit itll be a 24hr thing starting at 9:30pm Pacific Time
  3. oops my bad
  4. 152,and when can you give me back 310 r?
  5. U said nvm
  6. ok,Just give me 100 r.All others are yours
  7. Please...I've already used it
  8. confused about this price...

    whats the current offer?
  9. 156rps is the current price u can bid
  10. Comon keep the bidding up