[AUCTION] 6 max enchanted combat items

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by ItsDicey, Jun 29, 2015.

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  1. Bump! You still have at least a whole other day after this!
  2. Bump... It's getting close to the end...
  3. 48 hours have passed since the last valid bid, and ELIMINATOR_ALDA is the winner of the auction!
  4. I know it ended, but the bow isn't maxed out :O there is flame 2 in EMC.
  5. Yes, but Flame I and Flame II behave the exact same way :p ( Though Flame II does look nicer, I admit. xwx; )

    The Flame II bow is only available from defeating an Enraged Skeleton, and sometimes you end up with a Power I Unbreaking III or Power III Unbreaking III bow instead... I'd use that as "material" for the other bow if I had enough of them left. D: Thing is, I haven't gone mob hunting in a while, so...
  6. Flame 2 lasts longer than flame 1 =P you can also combine enchanted books and add them to make it maxed out xD
  7. Nope, Flame 2 only lasts 5 seconds... same with Flame 1. :p
    (Tested in Singleplayer Creative and EMC; mobs burned the same amount of time for both.)

    Arrows are on fire when shot and deal 5 () fire damage over 5 seconds. Unlike flint and steel, flaming arrows only affect players, mobs, and TNT. No other blocks catch fire, and they do not produce light. Fire damage applies after initial damage, similar to Fire Aspect. Creatures killed by fire only drop XP if a player dealt non-fire damage to it within the past 5 seconds.

    Additionally, Fire damage doesn't increase per level like with Fire Aspect: the damage is always fixed at 5. Fire Aspect, on the other hand, used the level-per-damage formula: "Targets will be dealt 3 ()/ 7 () damage on level I/II. You can use this formula to calculate the Fire damage: Fire damage in 1 () = (Level*4)-1."

    Another interesting thing to note about Flame, unlike Fire Aspect, is that animals killed with a Flame-enchanted arrow don't drop cooked meat, but instead still drop raw meat. (Tested on a chicken from a Baby Zombie Pigman Jockey; power at lowest possible level, Flame of II, chicken at full health before the shot).

    Finally, combining books simply does not work, as Flame I and Flame I will still yield Flame I.
    And trying to add a Flame I book to a bow with Flame II will actually cause Flame II to level lower.
    I'm an enchanter ;P I know this kinda stuff by now xD
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