[ AUCTION ] 6 Double Chests of Ender Pearls!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by hoi, Jan 25, 2013.

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  1. Today Cordial_Pie and I will be auctioning off SIX double chests of Ender Pearls! Here are the details :

    Details :
    20,736 Ender Pearls, AKA 6 double chests

    Starting Bid :
    80,000 Rupees! ( 3.85 rupees per pearl )

    Minimum Auction Bid :
    1,000 rupees

    Auction End :
    24 hours after last rule-following bid has been placed.

    Pick-up :
    Residence 5244 Utopia

    Happy Bidding! :)
  2. You guys need dis! =P

    Bump of hope!
  3. 80k?! My auction for 10 dc's is going for 13k!
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  4. There are 5184 pearls in 6 double chest because ender pearls are stacked by 16
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  5. Oooooooops. =(
  6. Meh, anyone gonna bid?
  7. Well the starting bid is 15r each pearl so no one will
  8. Oops! I've made a couple mistakes you guys! Here is the fixed version :

    Details -
    5,184 Ender Pearls ( 6 double chests )

    Starting bid -
    15,000 Rupees or 3 rupees exact per pearl
  9. B-b-b-b-bump!
  10. Nobody wants the precious and fresh ender pearls? This is 3r per pearl! Dis be a good bargain!
  11. Pig stop talking to yourself.
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  12. My auction for 10 dc'a went for 13k that is 1,50 each pearl
  13. Thanks you you're input Mister.

    Come on know you guys! 6 doublechests for 15k! Good offer! 3r per pearl!
  14. I am saying the reality of prices
  15. dude! you are not right! ender pearls stack in 15's so u would only have 6912 enderpearls. This is not right
  16. Edit they stack in 16s
  17. Cough.
  18. oops i thought it was 8 dc lol!
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  19. [CLOSED] :)
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