[Auction] 6 dimund hrs rmers dolan pls

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  1. doln by my hrs rmers
    no gooby
    pls doln
    fien ill by tem
    o thk u dolon
    "you haev receved muny frum doln <3"
    wow doln thnx for yor monys
    stupes gooby th mony wais posond
    y dolon!
    "yuo hav lost mony froim doln </3"
    gooby pls

    Auction: 6 diamond horse armors
    Starting bid: 100r
    Minimum increment: 50r
    End time: 24 hours after last bid placed
    Pick-up: My first res on smp8.

    hapy voteign dolonns
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  2. Bump! Just a tip, the last two auctions exactly like this went for 20k ;)

    Current bid: 6050r
  3. My computer is really laggy, so I may have bumped this 2 seconds ago. Last auction went for 20k, so there's a sighting on the price ;)

    Current bid: Kadey has 6050r
  4. Bump! These Diamond horse armors are currently going for ONE QUARTER of what it is normally auctioned for. Two hours left until the auction is over!
  5. *cough cough cough* 7k *cough cough*
  6. *Cough COUGH cough cough* 7100
  7. Bump-a-dump.
  8. what is this?
  9. The meme or the auction?
    Meme: Dolan.
    Auction: Six diamond horse armors.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.