[Auction] 5DC's of enchanted books

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  1. Item: 5dcs random multi enchanted books(listed below)
    Starting Bid: 50k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1k
    Auction End Time: 48hours after last valid bid
    Additional info: You can also veiw items at my lot 16426 (smp8) Be sure to check to detail lot for exact detailed enchants on books.(these are all multi enchanted books not single)
    Pick up: at my lot 16426 after payment received

    Chest 1: all books have prot III on it:
    54 x Protect III/5 x Eff III/7 x Eff IV/4 x Unb III/3 x Loot II/8 x Sharp III/5 x Power III/7 x Power IV
    4 x Resp III/6 x Smite IV/6 x Knock II/7 x Feather IV/2 x Flame I/2 x Punch I/2 x Punch II
    2 x Aqua I/1 x Thorns II/1 x Bane III/5 x Bane IV/1 x Luck II/1 x Thorns II/1 x Fire Aspect II
    1 x Infinity I/1 x Flame I

    Chest 2: all have at least an eff on them:
    15 x Eff III/39 x Eff IV/6 x Projectile IV/4 x Fire Prot III/2 x Fire Aspect II/7 x Unb III/8 x Bane IV
    2 x Blast prot IV/5 x Power III/8 x Power IV/3 x Flame I/9 x Smite IV/5 x Knockback II/2x Resp III
    2 x Luck II/1 x Luck III/6 x Feather IV/1 x Loot III/1 x Fire Protect IV/2 x Fortune III/1 x Lure II
    1 x Fortune II/3 x Sharp III

    Chest 3:
    28 x Unb III/12 x Sharp III/2 x sharp IV/6 x Infinity I/2 x Thorns II/3 x Punch I/3 x Smite IV
    3 x Feather IV/7 x Luck II/4 x Power III/7 x Power IV/6 x Fire Prot III/1 x Flame I/1 x Lure II
    4 x Silk I/1 x Resp II/4 x Projectile Prot IV/3 x Fortune II/2 x Fotune III/3 x Eff IV/4 x Bane IV
    6 x Aqua I/2 x Knock II/6 x Loot II/1 x Loot III/1 x Fire Aspect I/1 x Fire Aspect II

    Chest 4:
    1 x Loot II/3 x Resp III/10 x Knock II/8 x Sharp III/2 x Sharp IV/1 x Luck II/1 x Luck III/7 x Power III
    13 x Power IV/7 x Fire Prot III/1 x Bane III/12 x Bane IV/9 x Projectile IV/1 x Smite III/7 x Smite IV
    2 x Blast Prot III/1 x Blast Prot IV/1 x Thorn I/3 x Thorn II/6 x Feather Fall IV/3 x Lure III
    2 x Resp III/2 x Flame I/2 x Eff III/5 x Eff IV/1 x Resp II/1 x Fire Aspect II/1 x Punch I
    1 x Punch II/1 x Protect III/

    1 x Bane III/12 x Bane IV/9 x Knock II/1 x Smite III/5 x Smite IV/2 x Resp II/6 x Resp III/1 x Punch I
    4 x Punch II/3 x Power III/9 x Power IV/10 x Sharp III/7 x Sharp IV/4 x Blast Prot IV/6 x Flame I
    13 x Feather IV/6 x Fire Prot III/2 x Fire Prot IV/10 x Projectile prot IV/1 x Fortune II
    1 x Fire Aspect I/1 x Fire Aspect II/2 x Resp II/3 x Resp III/1 x Luck II/2 x Luck III/2 x Aqua
    1 x Lure III/
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  3. I'm not sure this meets the requirements for enchanted item auctions. Can someone check if this is valid?
  4. I have listed every enchant name and level, this is grey line in way i listed it but i feel it was done alright, as stated ive given option for them to go look at them physicly to.
  5. I can tell you went to great effort but I think the requirement is to list each item with the enchantments on it. You've listed the enchantment but haven't identified which books those enchantments overlap on. The overlap does affect the valuation.

    The idea of using a preview chest is a pretty good one. However, I don't think previews can be used 'officially' since the chest contents could be modified at any time.

    Anyhow, it looks like you have a bidder, but I'd still like an official weigh-in on the rule. :)
  6. Sorry, but this auction is invalid. Yes, the enchantments are listed, but it's not clear which ones are on the same books as each other. For example, all the "1x" enchantments could be all on one book, rather than on separate books. Please list each book's enchantment list next time, rather than a pool of all the enchantments.
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