[AUCTION] 5DC of buckets of milk

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  1. I found these in a dumpster somewhere. The box said "Eggnog Icecreamcow Made in China", but I think they're legit. Warning: If they turn out to be duds, I'm not responsible. Items auctioned as-is.
    this is just 5DC of milk. no special name or anything like that.

    Auction Info
    Auctioned Items: 5DC of the milkiest, fakest eggnogiest milk out there. This milk is NOT EGGNOG.
    Min bid: 1r
    Min bid increment: 100r
    End Date: 48 hours after last valid bid
    Item pickup/delivery: Pickup (or delivery for 1500r on SMP1, 2500r any other server)


    for the third time these are not eggnogs. just regular milk.
  2. 200r

    Let me clear something, if i pick it up its free pick up, but delivery is like expensive as heck
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  3. yeah, free pickup. Delivery is expensive because, well, it's 270 buckets I have to move cross-server/on the same server. Time consuming.
  4. Title is misleading and could cause someone to think you are selling Icecreamcow Eggnog.
    I am changing "Eggnog Icecreamcow" to buckets of milk.
  5. kk. it was meant to be funny
  6. :) alright, thanks. Lol i cant wait. im gonna just love this. Random buckets of milk, i bidd on the darndest things. but worth it
  7. I don't need this

  8. /bump/
    2k? This could cure you like 500 times or something.
    plus you can use them instead of dirt for chest spacing :p
  9. i dont need this either 2500
  10. I've never needed something so bad in my life.
  11. *rubs hands together evily* the milk shall be mineeeeee, even though non of us need it we just want it!
  12. 4.5k!!! I NEED THIS!!!!
  13. You're like

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.